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9 Underrated Benefits of Using Cookie Cutters for Your Home-Baked Cookies

Cookie Cutters

Cookies are loved by so many people! You will rarely see someone who has not ever tried at least one cookie in his/her whole life. These bonbons that are often flat and sometimes chunky come in different flavors and fragrances. They are baked for every cookie lover’s delight! What makes these baked snacks extra exciting is the existence of cookie cutters! 

Baking cookies is one of the healing activities that you can actually do at home. Although it can be quite challenging for beginners, it is truly fun and entertaining. You can use various baking ingredients as decorations on your cookies, such as edible markers, sprinkles and toppers. They make these confections tasty and dainty. And as mentioned earlier, cookie cutters are present, too, to bring about fantastic noshes and superb baking experiences! They are baking tools that are not mandatory but would really help you create wonderful cookies!

Now, because cookie cutters are optional in baking, many people undervalue them, thinking that they are actually “just for fun” forever. The truth is that they are really helpful and functional, that many bakers adore these baking apparatuses so much. 

If you want to know what makes them loveable and if you are not simply convinced yet by their looks, here are 9 benefits of using cookie cutters for your home-baked cookies. 

1 – They bring out your creativity!

Cookie Cutters

Some people say that cookie cutters are merely for art and fun, but look closely, they are not simply for decorating or showing off! They bring out your creativity as a baker too. Because there are so many cool ways to use them, you can surely come up with clever ideas on how to stunningly design your cookies or to level up the cookie cutting game! 

With the use of these seemingly simple cookie cutters, you can present your witty and artistic food presentation ideas and skills. This is another way by which baking and the processes that follow it become a de-stressing activity for you.

Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters can be made of plastic, tin, stainless steel, copper, rubber or aluminium. They are made of various materials. That means you can find the most suitable cookie cutters for your specific cookie type, texture and style. 

When the cookies you’re about to cut are big and thick, you can find cookie cutters that will allow you to cut them comfortably, conveniently and precisely! Since they can be composed of different materials, which you can choose from, you have an array of options in case you are sensitive about particular materials you let in contact with food you bake.

3 – They come in different shapes and sizes! 

What makes cookie cutters eye-catching and entertaining is their distinct shapes! This is the major charm of these baking tools. 

You can typically find them in the form of actual shapes, like squares, stars, hearts and diamonds. The more unique versions are shaped with letters, numbers, animals, cartoon characters and icons from different global events, such as Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day. Having diverse shapes is the most recognizable and remarkable characteristic of cookie cutters. 

Furthermore, they come in different sizes. As you know, there are regular-sized cookies while there are mini and palm-sized ones. Cookie cutters can be found in whatever size you need, from the smallest to the biggest!      

4 – Using them is super easy.

Cookie Cutters

Unlike most baking apparatuses, cookie cutters are super easy to use! Although it’s challenging to make sure you cut correctly and flawlessly, using them is generally hassle-free. The shape is already there, and all you have to do is put and press the cutter on top of the flattened dough until it reaches the base and cuts completely. When you are sure you have left no part uncut, you will slowly pull up and remove the cutter. See? Trouble-free!

Absolutely, this does not need expert skills and long-time baking experiences. Cookie cutters can be used right where you are, right now, regardless of whether it’s your first time handling them or not. 

5 – You may have them customized too!

If you have not heard of it yet, you may have your own cookie cutters customized too. Wow, that’s just so awesome! Cookie cutters that are exclusively designed for you and/or by you?! Yes, that’s possible! 

For example, when you need specific shapes and sizes for your important occasions but cannot find them in the market, you can just look for baking supplies shops that custom-make cookie cutters based on clients’ requests. 

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to buy or if you urgently need them and have no time to shop, you can DIY or do it yourself through reusing items you have at home. Makeshift cookie cutters may work as well!    

6 – They are highly affordable.

These baking tools are not the same with baking pans, ovens and machines that require you to be quite wealthy to own them. Cookie cutters are highly affordable, and we don’t know how to stress on that better! It won’t hurt your pockets to buy them because they are easy to find and purchase.

If you are ordinarily using a plain knife to cut out shapes on your soon-to-be cookie, there’s a huge tendency for you to mess it up. Especially if you are aiming to end up with cookies shaped perfectly, meeting your visualization, do not expect too much unless you are using cookie cutters!

The goal of utilizing cookie cutters is not just to create figures but also to do that thoroughly and neatly. They enable you to cleanly cut complex details, so you don’t need to sweat off a lot because of focusing too much on forming your cookies’ shapes.

Baking is an incredible bonding activity for the family. You get to spend a lovely time together while you learn through baking. It is also one of the best home activities and kitchen skills to teach your children. Of course, adult supervision is a must, so you don’t get tiring headaches due to scattered pastry flour and bakers flour creating kitchen mess and so the munchkins don’t get into kitchen accidents. 

Good thing, some cookie cutters are made for kids! That means they are created and designed for kids to remain safe while using them and for parents to be at ease while letting the little ones hold them.

Aside from that, obviously, cookie cutters for youngsters are more colorful and more head-turning than the regular ones, simply because they are for kids! That makes these baking tools even more attractive to kiddos, making baking more exciting!  

Last but definitely not the least, cookie cutters make adorable cookies perfect for gifting and for parties! If you want to make baker loved ones smile on their birthday or on the Holidays, cookie cutters should be on your top gift picks. These tools are also the key to making your dessert table at your parties more personalized and striking! 



Do not underestimate cookie cutters! They are so much more useful than how they are typically perceived. They allow you to make gorgeous cookies while keeping you sane as you bake! Cookie cutters are the baking tools you probably never knew you needed until you use and enjoy their awesome benefits!  


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Mauri Baking Supplies Australia, a chief supplier of bakery ingredient solutions all over New Zealand and Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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