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Garena Free Fire Max 2022: The upcoming Latest Feature. How to Download

What is Garena Free Fire Game and what are its benefits?

Today, friends, we will give you all the information regarding Free Fire Game. Garena Free Fire, also known as Free Fire Battleground or Free Fire Battleground is this game. Free Fire is very similar to PUBG Game. We can also say it is one step ahead PUBG. The Free Fire game launched on 23 Aug 2017. Garena Free Fire, an action-adventure, battle royale online game, was launched on 23 August 2017. Battle royale matches are 50 players who jump to an island to find weapons and other equipment. The players can choose their starting point and pick up weapons or supplies to increase their combat lives.

GARENA INTERNATIONAL PIVATE LIMITED created this Free Fire Game. Free Fire Game is an action-packed game where you must fight against 49 other players. You have only 10 minutes. You must win the battle by killing everyone else. The game begins as follows. You don’t have any weapons so you must travel from one place to another to collect them.

You will then have to kill anyone who is ahead of you and you will get points. A Safe Zone alarm is activated after each short time. This will indicate where you must stay within the boundary. You are automatically killed if you cross his boundary. This means that you must play the 10-minute game within his boundaries.

Players join a game by jumping in a plane which flies above an island. Players can jump anywhere they like while the plane is over an island. This allows them to pick a strategic spot to land far from their enemies. Players must search for weapons and other useful items after landing. You can find medical equipment, large and medium weapons, grenades, and other useful items all over the island.

Players aim to survive on an island with at least 50 players. This means eliminating any opponents and making sure that they are the only ones left. As the safe zone on the game map shrinks, so players can be directed to tighter areas in order to avoid encounters. The round is won by the last remaining player or team.

Garena Free Fire Max 2022

Get complete information on the Free Fire Game.

Garena freefire is a battle royale video game created by 111 Dots Studio. It was published by Garena on Android and iOS. In 2019, the game was the most downloaded mobile game worldwide. In 2019, the game won the Google Play Store award for “Best Popular Voted Games”. It was voted for the most in Brazil and Thailand. Free Fire holds a world record of more than 80 million active users per day as of May 2020. Free Fire had earned over $1 billion in worldwide sales as of November 2019. Free Fire Max, an enhanced version of Free Fire, was launched globally on 28 September 2021.

Garena Free Fire, a battle royale mobile game, is one of the most played. It’s behind Fortnite Battle Royale, PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile. It is particularly popular in Latin America and India, as well as Southeast Asia. It was the fourth most downloaded app worldwide in 2018, both on iOS and Google Play Store. Garena Free Fire had more than a billion downloaded on the Google Play Store as of August 2021. Free Fire generated $100 million more in revenue than PUBG Mobile, which earned $68 million. Free Fire’s revenue grew 4.5x over the same period last years.

In 2019, Free Fire created the Free Fire World Series, which was won in part by the Corinthians. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the FFWS was renamed the Free Fire Continental Series in 2020. Garena announced in February 2021 the Free Fire World Series (FFWS), with a $2 million prize pool. It was held in Singapore by Phoenix Force (EVOS Esports TH). This means that free fire can earn more than 70,000,000 in a single day, and more than 2000,000,000 per month.

Who created Free Fire Game? (When was Free Fire Game first launched?

Forrest Xiaodong Li creates Free Fire. This is also known as Forrest Li. Joe started Garena Company in Singapore, in 2009, and founded Garena Free Fire Game, in 2017. Forrest Li, a billionaire businessman, was born in China. Lee is an avid football fan and supports Arsenal FC and FC Barcelona. Cristiano Ronaldo is also a huge fan.

Forrest Li received his degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University, and his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Forrest Li currently holds the position of Chairman/CEO in Garena. Garena has produced many popular games, before introducing free fire. Like – Alliance of Valiant Arms and Contra: Return. League of Legends. Online Multiplayer Battle Royale Game. FIFA Online 3. Headshot.

How can I download free fire?

  • First, go to Google Play Store on Android Mobile or App Store for iOS.
  • Then search for ‘Garena Free Fire’ in the store.
  • Click on Install after you have viewed the Garena Free Fire video.
  • Once you have done this, your game will be installed.

Note: To test the game before you install it, click on the “Try it out” option.

Login to Free Fire

You will be asked for access once you open Free Fire on your mobile phone. Free Fire will ask you to log in. There are three options for logging in to Free Fire. Like :


Gmail Account

VK (VKontakte )

Login with Facebook – How to do it?

  • Click on the Sign In button to begin.
  • All the Facebook account logins will now be done on your smartphone. Now click on the Facebook account you wish to login in Free Fire.
  • Wait a minute.
  • You will know your Fee Fire account is created when TAP TO BEGIN appears on your mobile screen.
    You will need to log in using User ID and Password if you don’t have a Facebook account on your mobile.

How do I login to my Gmail Account?

  • Click on MORE for a login to Fire Free from Gmail.
  • Next, click on Sign In with Google.
  • All the items will now appear on your phone with the Gmail login. Now click on the Gmail account you wish to login in Free Fire.
  • Wait a minute.
  • You will know your Fee Fire account is created when TAP TO BEGIN appears on your mobile screen.
    Note: You will need to log in using Gmail ID or Password if you haven’t logged into Google Account on your mobile.

Login with VK (VKontakte).

  • Click on MORE for a login to VK’s Free Fire.
  • Next, click on Sign In with VK.
  • All the VK Account logins will now be displayed on your mobile. Now click on the VK Account that you wish to log in in Free Fire.
  • Wait a minute.
  • You will know your Fee Fire account is created when TAP TO BEGIN appears on your mobile screen.
    Note: You will need to log in to your VK account (VKontakte), by entering your User ID and Password.

Play Free Fire

The screen will display CLASSIC Bermuda. Click it to see many Maps Show. Play CLASSIC Bermuda is required. You can choose any map you wish. Click on START below after selecting CLASSIC Bermuda. Your game will begin in 30 seconds. All the enemies will be there, and you’ll start flying from your ship within 30 seconds. Click on Jump to get Eject written.

You should jump in wherever there are houses. You will be able to easily obtain Weapons. Now if you’ve got Weapons, find and kill the anime.

Details of Free Fire All Weapons

We will now tell you all about the weapons of Free Fire.

Free fire Game weapons Lis t – M4A1, AK. M14, SCAR. GROZA. SKS. M249 FAMS, SVD. M60, AN94. PLASMA. PARAFAL. Woodpecker.

Details of the Free Fire All Gun

There are five types of guns in Free Fire according to the bullet.

AR Ammo Gun – To kill a distant enemy

Gun with SNIPER Ammo – for a distant enemy

Gun with SMG Ammo-Sub margine Gun to Midrange Enemy

Gun with SG Ammo – For the nearest enemy

Gun with HG Ammo – If you don’t have anything, find it.

  • AR Ammo All Gun – Scar, AK47, XM8, M4a1, M60, M14, SKS, Woodpecker, FAMAS, AN94, Draganov
  • SMG Ammo Wali Gun – MP40, MP5, P90, UMP
  • SG Ammo Wali Gun – M1887, M1014
  • Gun with HG Ammo – M500, Desert Eagle, G18
  • Gun with Sniper Ammo- AWM, Kar98K and M828

Note: AWM can be considered one of the most powerful weapons in Free Fire.

M1887 has been called the most dangerous gun under free fire.

Best Gun Skin in Free Fire

Skin gun is superior to friend normal gun. This is because the enemy dies quicker and the headshot is taken earlier with skin gun. The best gun is what happens to it.

The rest of the friends have many guns and skins in Free Fire.

Rate of Fire – (++) were taken much faster (1 second).
(++) Damages Other Than the
Range – (+).
Accuracy – more (++)

Notable: Other than Gun, there are other weapons in free-fire like Grenade (Ned), Landmine and Launcher, Grenade, Grenade, Grenade, Grenade, Grenade, Launcher, Gloo Wall Pan, Parang. Bat, Katana, etc.

The Best Mobiles for Playing Free Fire Game

Free Fire is a popular game in many countries today. A good mobile phone is essential if you enjoy this game. This game won’t run well on a mobile with a small processor. This post will tell you the best mobile for playing Free Fire Game.

There are many great mobiles that can play Free Fire Game. Here are some examples:

Samsung Galaxy S9+


iPhone X


One Plus 6


Complete information about All Character & Character Ability of Free Fire 

Today we are going to tell you about all Free Fire characters in detail, after which you don’t need to read any other messages or watch any videos. Best Free Fire Characters – Let us tell you for your information that all characters are the best on their own. Each character has their own abilities.

Free fire Character NameCharacter Ability Free FireFree Fire Characters Price list
DJ ALOK Character Let me tell you one more thing that if people like any character more in Free Fire then it is DJ Alok. People like it more because it is handsome and fair in all characters. It increases your HP (Health Power) while walking, which reduces your chances of death.
Primis CharacterFriends, the first character in Free Fire is Primis (Adom), which has only one ability that it can change color, meaning you can drop it or make it black.
Chrono CharacterCreates a force field that blocks damages from enemies. One can fire at outside foes from within force field. Movement speed increases and allies within force field gets increase in movement speed during skill activation.599 Diamond
K CharacterIt is similar to DJ Alok K character which increases both HP and EP but K character is not handsome and fair.599 Diamond
EVE CharacterThe second character is EVE, who is the wife of Primis (Adom), perhaps she can only change color like Primis (Adom).
Kelly CharacterIt runs 7% faster than other characters.
Kla CharacterThese are pretty much going to use  Character  is especially when you get Factory pay because  Factory  is missing Gun over and there is only fight the Fist | And the  Character  is is to use enemy takes 400% more damage (the Fist) and enemy dead with a single punch |
Maxim CharacterThe  Character  of ability use when you do Medkit use will take more than 12% early Medkit |
Jai Character (Hrithik Roshan)It loads your SMG Gun like – MP40, MP5, P90, UMP, VECTOR, CG15, Thapson immediately when your Gun comes in Reload i.e. Reload Time is not taken.499 Diamond
Joseph CharacterWhen any enemy inflicts damage on this character, then its escape speed increases by 20%.
Hayato CharacterIt increases the damage of your pill by 10%. When you give damage to an enemy.499 Diamond or 8000 coins
WuKong CharacterThese are also going to be much use  Character  is particularly Rank and tournament in Match | Its quality is that it immediately becomes grass and the enemy gets confused and you save yourself from the enemy.
Moco CharacterThese are also going to be much use  Character  is that when you have damage to an enemy and he is sure to escape goes on you know and position of enemy to your partner until 5 seconds |499 Diamond or 8000 coins
 Wolfrahh CharacterThis increases your chances of getting a headshot by 5 to 20%.499 Diamond
Paloma CharacterThis increases the capacity of your bag to hold 120 AR Ammo.
A124 CharacterA Female  Character  is that increases HP like DJ Alok but it only changes in the HP EP | Converts your 50 EP into 60 HP in 5 seconds.499 Diamond
Alvaro CharacterWhen you use an explosive weapon, its damage increases by 12% and its range is also increased by 8.5%. Explosive Weapon like – Grenade, Landmine, Launcher M79 etc.499 Diamond
Livia CharacterThese fine  Character  then give it to Revive to use when your partner your partner will Revive with 40 HP Extra |
 Laura CharacterThe  Character  of Use those rights AWM, is M82B, is to Kar98K run it increased 30% Accuracy of Use | That too with a Scope Gun.499 Diamond or 8000 coins
moroIt gives 25% more damage to the enemy for 10 seconds.
CarolineWhen you have a shotgun with SG Ammo in your hand, your movement speed increases to 108%. means 100+8499 Diamond or 8000 coins
SteffieFor 10 seconds, you will have up to 25% less effect of grenades and guns.
XayneThis character gives you 80 HP when your health drops below 120 and gives 100% more damage for 10 seconds on Gluval or on the Shield of Chrono.499 Diamond
FordThis character gives 24% less damage when you are outside the zone and your HP is decreasing from the zone199 Diamond or 2000 coins
Jota CharacterThe  Character  is the use CLASH SQUAD is to play because when you do Kill the Gun by SMG Gun or SG Ammo instantly increase your 50 HP (if 200 is less than HP)499 Diamond
capellaWith this your medicit or when you revive your teammate, it will all be 20% quicker and when you are down then your HP will decrease by 30% which means if 100 HP decreases in 5 seconds then only 70 HP in 5 seconds will decrease (when down)499 Diamond
ShiravWhen you do damage to an enemy, then for 5 seconds you can know where the enemy is going or is.
OliviaWhen you revive a teammate, it will revibe with 70 HP extra, which means that after reviving, he will get 1.5 Medicits less.199 Diamond or 2000 coins
AntonioThis Character is used in Clash squad match or gives 35 HP more when the round starts to the match which means from 200 to 235.499 Diamond or 8000 coins
Shani Friends, you must have known vest in free fire, which is also called bullet proof jacket or helmet, that vest has less HP of its own, if the bullet hits that vest, then gradually the HP of the vest decreases and the vest is destroyed. goes. This Character Increases HP Of Same Vest And Helmet By 20% More499 Diamond
NikitaWith this, your SMG ammo guns like – MP40, P90, UMP, Thapson are quickly reloaded.199 Diamond or 2000 coins
D-beeThis recently came in July 2021. The character’s ability is that when you fire, then your walking speed will increase by 15% and shooting accuracy will be 135%, which means 35% more chance of shooting. |
NotoraBy using this character, when you are driving and your enemy damages and the health (HP) of both you and your teammate who is on the car with you decreases, then this character gives 5 HP every 2 seconds. seems to increase499 Diamond
Dasha CharacterBy using this, when you are knockdown, then your health will decrease by 50% less rate, which increases your chances of being revived.499 Diamond
MiguelThis is also a Clash squad character, it increases your EP by 80 on every kill but your EP will not be more than 200.199 Diamond or 2000 coins
LuquetaBy using this character, when you do any kill, then your 16 HP will increase, which means earlier it was 200 HP, then it will be 216 HP and at the most it increases up to 235 HP.499 Diamond
Misha CharacterThe  Character  of your car while driving to the Use will damage the run 12% faster and 30% |499 Diamond or 8000 coins
Rafael CharacterBy using this, your location in the map is hidden for 8 seconds.499 Diamond or 8000 coins

Buy Characters list Using Gold Coins

  • Kelly
  • Hayato
  • Laura
  • Kla
  • Misha
  • Ford
  • Nikita
  • Olivia
  • Miguel
  • Caroline
  • Antonio

Note: The most important thing is that some characters are also found in this from Gold Coins, but the best character is found only from Diamonds.

If there is any problem in free fire, then you can call on its toll free number for that toll free number is given below.

Free Fire Number – 800-841-7954 

Garena Free Fire Game cannot be played in Jio Phone. Most of the anime in Free Fire are found in Factory, Clock Tower, Park. If you liked this post, then please do share it with your friends. If you have any question or suggestion, then you must write in the comment box given below. For all kinds of updates related to job, wordpress, website, sports, insurance, please come and check our website Gizalus.com If you want to know more about any topic, please comment on our website Gizalus.com and let us know. or ask

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