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Himalayan Pink Salt & where does Himalayan Salt comes from?

Salt is the key factor of our life, so what if we use the Salt that is the most suitable and favorable to use, in the form of Bulk Himalayan Salt. Mostly it is pink in color, the color vary with light to dark pink due to the variation in the shades of stone that extracted from the mine.

Himalayan Pink Salt

What is Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan pink Salt, the salt which is having worldwide prominence day by day. It is a pink color rock salt that is pure natural extracts. Due to its uncountable benefits and increasing uses in all fields from our daily routine to our commercial needs, it has very significantly covers all the aspects of our necessities.in the form of edible salt it bless our tables a distinctive salty taste. A unique touch to our kitchen cookware and crockery, illuminate our homes in the form of lamps, tea light and iron baskets. A great healer if we use in Halothoerapy in the form of Salt rooms, Inhaler or Neti pot.

Bulk Himalayan Salt mine, consists on layers of different colors salt. The color variation also defines the ratio of Sodium, chloride and also other essential minerals that we found in it.

Where does Himalayan Salt Come from?

As we discussed above Bulk Himalayan Salt is purely organic and natural product. It is lying near the wide range of Himalayas, this is the reason why it is called Himalayan pink Salt. Bulk Pink Salt extracts from the mines that were discovered by the Alexandar troops in 320 BC. When the soldiers horses start licking the rock around them. Himalayan pink Salt, actually relics of the ancient Sea salt that was submerged by lava eruption. It was underlying the snow, ice and rock and this makes it pure and save it from any kind of impurity. After thousands of years, mine was discovered and then start mining and trading.

Mining in the beginning was very low then due to invention in techniques it goes on increase. In the 19 century the mine was producing 187,000 Tons per year and in the 21st century the figure goes to 385,000 Tons per year. Yet is should be taken in mind that we can extract salt from the mine with the same capacity or more for 350 Years.

It is the blessing from heavens to Pakistan that this natural Gem is blessed to us by God. World largest Salt mine is in Pakistan. A large number of Salt exports everywhere to fulfil the needs of other Countries in the form of worthy importers.

 What does Himalayan Salt good for?

Himalayan Pink Salt is the best salt amongst all other salts due to its unique mineral combination that makes it most favorable.it consist on 84 other trace minerals like magnesium, calcium, cooper, cadmium, iron, led, mercury etc. The beautiful tint of Pink Color is due to these essential minerals whose quantity is change from grain to grain so this variation defines the color of Bulk Himalayan Salt. Its purity or ratio of Sodium Chloride is 97 to 98 % other 2% are the above Minerals that we finds in it.

These are very essential minerals that helps our body to perform proper functions and regulate the inner blood circulation. Pink Salt Benefit cannot be confines or defines in a single article. We can classify its benefits in two ways dietary or non-dietary benefits. Let’s discuss its most common uses and there effects on us in one or another way.

Dietary Uses and benefits:

  • It has low quantity of sodium that’s why it controls high blood pressure.
  • Lowers the risk of Heart attack.
  • Contrast with other salt it doesn’t dehydrate us. It aids in fluid and blood balance in our body.
  • Bulk Himalayan Salt have calcium in it that strengthen our bones.
  • Magnesium helps our muscles to be strong and gives us relieve from cramps and muscle contraction.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt reduces respiratory disease, like Asthma and other chronical problems. Respiratory tract get soothing affect by soften and purify the air that we Inhale.
  • Bulk Himalayan Salt incredibly balances the level of pH in our body and maintain our metabolism.
  • Helps stomach in proper functioning. Himalayan Salt is also a best digestive nutrients.
  • Studies shows that sodium Intake also proves excellent to cure insomnia, irregular sleep pattern and bad dreams.
  • Stands best to decrease depression, anxiety and other neuro issues. A pinch of sodium chloride with honey or by mixing both in water gives a soothing effect to our nerves and make them relax and work effectively avoiding being over sensitive and overthinking.

Non dietary uses and benefits:

  • Himalayan salt, in bath relax and soothes the sore muscles.
  • Freshens the skin with its compact crystallization formation.
  • Helps to purify air by ionization.
  • Granules uses in spas for facial and body scrubber.
  • Clear negative energy from surroundings.

It is not enough or last words there are much more benefits that Himalayan Salt Wholesale gives us in our day to day life.

How much Himalayan Salt in water to drink?

Balance use of bulk Himalayan Salt gives our body a long and refreshing impacts. We can use a glass of Luke water with a pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt and let it dissolve to its end. Now it’s ready to take with all its rainbow of advantages.     

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