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How Much is the Price of Olympic Medals

Today’s article How much is the price of Olympic medals, today we will talk about the price of Olympic medals and will give you all the information related to it. If you want to know how much are the prices of Olympic medals, read our article carefully. In this we will tell you how much Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal cost.

You must know that there are three types of medals in Olympic Medals, Gold, Silver and Bronze medal and the player who plays, he gets the price according to that, now we will talk about how much they cost, this is all of you. Know that Olympics is the biggest sport in this world in which almost every country of the world participates and except for just a few sports, you get to see all the other sports in the Olympics. Although 3 winners are chosen in every game, you all know that in every game three winners are chosen, in which one is given first place, second place second and third is given third place.

The player who comes in first place is given a Gold Medal, and the player who comes in second place is given a Silver Medal, and the player who comes in third place is given a Bronze medal. Now let’s talk about how much are the prices of Olympic medals, now we will tell you how much they cost.

Price of Olympic Medals

What is the price of OLYMPIC MEDALS?

How much does India Olympic Medals winner get cash prize, so much so that you all would know that our players from India also participate in this Olympic Games, and this year a total of 7 medals have been won by the players of India, out of which one Gold Medal Neeraj Chopra. Neeraj Chopra has won India’s first Gold Medal, and he has also won 2 Silver Medals and four Bronze Medals, Neeraj Chopra has won Gold Medal in Javelin Throw at Tokyo Olympics. Neeraj Chopra has also received many Rewards and Offers from the Government of India and many services, and if you want to know the price of all the other Indian players who have received medals, then today we will tell you all about it. Will give information.

Do you know that a list of Olympic Medals price is made, in which the price of the medal is given one by one, which medal is the most expensive, we talk about how much it costs in Olympic Gold Medal India.

Olympic Gold Medal Price in India

Let’s talk about what is the price of gold medal used in Olympics in India, then gold medal in India is of 556 grams, it is given only to the first place player or team, that much you know. It will happen that only the first place player gets the gold medal, for your information, let us tell you that it is not made of any old gold, it is made only by mixing gold and silver, and it contains 550 grams of silver and gold only. It is only 6 grams. Now in such a situation, the price of a gold medal including all the medals is about Rs 59547.28, so much so that you must know that this time the Olympic Games were held in Japan, in which the players won only 32 kg gold medal and the amount of gold used to make it. It was made from gold removed from old phones of all Japan people.

Olympic Silver Medal Price in India

Now let’s talk about the silver medal used in the Olympics, which is about 550 grams, pure silver is used to make it and its price is about Rs 33495. 35, and it is the second-ranked player. The team or team gets the Silver Medal, given to the second place players.

Olympic Bronze Medal Price in India

Now we will talk about Bronze medal the weight of the bronze medal used in the Olympics is about 450 grams, and do you know that it is made by mixing 95% Copper and 5% Zinc, and this medal is in third place? It is awarded only to the player who comes in or 10, and it costs 372 .17rs. The bronze medal costs much less than the Silver Medal and the Gold Medal, so it is awarded to the third place player.

How Much Do Olympic Medals Winners Get Cash Price?

Do you know what cash medals are also given to the players on behalf of the Olympics, but in this, each country keeps a price money for its players, and the player who has won the Gold, Silver or Bronze medal will be given to the players. But a lot more money is given than the player who has won for the country. As you know Neeraj Chopra is the only Indian who won the Gold Medal. Everyone has heard about them that Neeraj Chopra won the Gold Medal and so far he has got a reward of more than 6 crores all over India.

So friends, today’s article was for the medals price of the Olympic Games, today we have given you all the information related to this, hope you would have liked our article and you would have liked all the information related to it, then if you liked our article then Share this with your friends also and do let us know by commenting in the comment box below.

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