WhatsApp data Transfer in a pinch without backing up on Google Drive, here’s how

If you also want to transfer WhatsApp data to your new smartphone, then how can you do it without the help of Google Drive, today we are going to inform you about this in detail. You also learn this easy way.

Backup WhatsApp Data

WhatsApp keeps on bringing new updates from time to time keeping in mind the convenience of its users. In this blog post, WhatsApp has recently added the new encrypted backup feature, which allows you to even Google Drive and iCloud backups to be encrypted with end-to-end privacy. However, you can still back up your WhatsApp data and even transfer it to another phone through completely offline methods. All you need is a file compression app like RAR.

This method works to back up your files offline, get all the data in one folder and then transfer that folder to another phone. If you don’t have WiFi access around you, you may stop uploading and downloading your complete WhatsApp data, as you may find yourself overloaded for your data plan. We also tell you how you can stop the upload and download in the condition of no WiFi.

Transfer Whatsapp Data

Create Local Backup on WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp. Navigate to the three-dot menu on the homepage and go to Settings / Chats / Chat Backup and tap ‘Back up’. After a local backup is created, you can ignore the Google Drive prompt, if there is such a prompt. Now you will have a local backup in the internal storage of your phone. After the local backup is ready, uninstall WhatsApp from the old device.

Install RAR or another file compression application

Go to the Google Play Store and download the RAR app and set it up. We will use it to compress our complete WhatsApp data and make it a single file. You can also choose any other app of your choice.

Whatsapp Backup

Compress your WhatsApp data

Inside the RAR app, you will see your phone’s internal storage directory. After that navigate to Android/Media and look for ‘com.whatsapp’ folder. Select the tick mark next to the ‘com.whatsapp’ folder and press the Add archive button (shaped ‘+’) at the top. Doing so will start converting the entire folder into a .rar file.

Note here that compressing your complete WhatsApp data is a time-consuming process. That means it may take time. So you can also choose to make it a .zip file instead. The only point of making the entire folder into a .zip file or a .rar file is to make the whole transfer process less straightforward. This can work to save you time.

Move data to your new phone

Move the new com.whatsapp.rar file (or com.whatsapp.zip file if you created a zip) to your new phone where you want to set up WhatsApp. To unzip the same file in the new phone’s internal storage, use RAR once again and put the extracted folder (named ‘com.whatsapp’) in the same directory as the internal storage /android/media.

Install WhatsApp on your new phone

You can now install WhatsApp on the new phone and skip the Google Drive backup prompt while going through the initial process so that the app can look for a local backup instead. This will help WhatsApp locate the files that we restored in step 4 to the specific directory.

Restore the detected back up and continue with the rest of the installation process. Once the installation process is complete, your WhatsApp account is now ready to run on the new phone. You can now delete the .rar or .zip file that you created in Step 4 and copied to the new phone.

To start a backup tap the Settings button on the menu bar at the lower part of WhatsApp. Head over to Chat Settings, then, at that point, tap Chat Backup. Here, you can physically begin a reinforcement by tapping the Back Up Now button. Or then again you can set WhatsApp to consequently back up your stuff day by day, week by week, or month to month. WhatsApp will possibly begin to back up consequently if your telephone is connected. Be that as it may, ensure you’re associated with a Wi-Fi organization, since it will cheerfully fire upholding itself over your information plan! Reinforcements can be enormous – many MBs in case you’re a functioning client.

On the off chance that you change iPhones, you’ll be elevated to reestablish Whatsapp from a reinforcement whenever you first introduce it. However long you’re utilizing a similar iCloud account, you ought to be get right the last known point of interest.

On an Android, things get somewhat more muddled. On the off chance that your telephone has a microSD card, that is the thing that Whatsapp will rear up to naturally. To begin a reinforcement, open Whatsapp and hit the Menu button. Explore to Settings – – > Chat Settings and afterward tap on Backup Conversations. Basically move over the microSD card to your new telephone to reestablish Whatsapp discussions.

On the off chance that your Android telephone doesn’t have a microSD card, go through similar strides above. Whatsapp will rear up to your telephone’s inner memory at this way:/sdcard/WhatApp/You should move this envelope from your old telephone to a similar organizer on your new telephone by replicating it to a PC.

Hypothetically, the Android strategy will save you after all other options have been exhausted, yet it depends on you physically duplicating stuff to and fro between gadgets. Truly, who possesses the energy for that?

There are numerous things amiss with iCloud, however for this situation, it is a wondrous thing.

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